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We handcraft cocktails from homemade juices, bitters, syrups, infusions and mixers. Each drink is fashioned with careful attention to detail, favoring locally sourced flavors and ingredients. Our cocktails are pure, not pretentious. The bar also offers a wide selection of craft brews and hand selected wines. Our bistro menu compliments the cocktail list and features hand-picked produce, free-range meats and hearty sauces. 

The casual cool atmosphere at People's compliments our menu and distinguishes us as a timeless locale that's authentically Dallas. Because of our versatile space and vigilant customer-service, we've earned a reputation as one of Dallas' most beloved event venues. We also offer group cocktail classes taught by the tastemakers behind our award-winning cocktail program. 





Mockingbird Station
5319 E. Mockingbird Ln., Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75206
(Second Floor, Above Nail Spa)


closed mondays

tuesday - sunday: 4p -2a


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Shaken - not stirred? Muddled - not mashed? Crushed - not cubed? These are the subtle differences that make a cocktail special. Join us for a cocktail classes to learn the skills that you will need to make the perfect cocktail. We'll share the tips of the trade that will help you transform your home bar into a proper cocktail parlor. Looking for something unique to do for your next corporate event? Bachelorette party? Birthday? Sip, stir, and shake with the best! Inquire via email for more details!

Within the parameters of three structures, we customize your class per your interests. Please see below for the frameworks:


The Lab: Loose-form, one-on-one discussion between bartender and guest, The Lab is the perfect opportunity to learn more about spirits, mixers, and techniques. Best for groups of 2-4 guests, e.g. date nights, cocktail enthusiasts

 The Classroom: Our most popular structure, The Classroom is an interactive and hands-on experience highlighting proper techniques and tools of the trade. With the help of recipe cards, instructors will guide you through the proper way of making the world’s greatest cocktails. Best for groups of 5-10 guests, e.g. birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, corporate team building. 

 The Showdown: Competition style format that focuses on team building and working in groups. Guests are split into equal-sized groups and work together to build the perfect cocktail.  Best for groups greater than 10 guests, e.g. corporate team building events.  

length: 2-hours

scheduling: 2p – 8p daily

location: The Classroom – on site at The People’s Last Stand

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DAILY  | 4P - 7P
SUNDAY |  4P - 10P


fine-apple sweetheart: apple & pineapple-infused vodka + pineapple + apple simple

house-made gin & tonic: gin + lime + simple + chincona bark

whisky apricot smash:  bourbon + apricot liq + lemon + simple + mint

the aristocrat: bourbon + demerera + spiced cherry  + bitters

strawberry paloma: tequila + grapefruit + lime + strawberry puree + soda

one-in-a -melon: melon-infused tequila + orange + lime + agave

pineapple mint julep: anejo rum + caribbean pineapple liq + mint


moscow mule: vodka + lime + ginger beer

french 75ish: gin + lemon + elderflower liq + simple + champagne

 sangria: red or white + seasonal berries

daq prescott: rum + lime + simple + raspberry/watermelon/jackfruit





our low-key, yet sophisticated vibe is perfect for your gathering. from customizing specialty cocktails to picking a playlist, we're here to help. 

Our versatile space can accommodate events of all kinds and sizes. We can host up to 145 guests for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and 60 guests seated for a meal. Rent our entire space for your event, or just part of it. Planning a morning or afternoon event? We'll open early for you! Pricing varies by the day and time of your event. Contact us to learn more about our event capabilities and pricing.